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How to Help Someone I Know

Domestic violence is everyone’s concern.

How to Help Someone I Know: Programs
  • Talk about what you see and assure them that you are concerned. Tell them you believe them and that it is not their fault.

  • Encourage them to call Naomi Society.

  • Assure them they can talk to you any time.

  • Don’t become angry or frustrated with their decisions. It is important to understand that they may be afraid or not ready to take the next steps.

  • Try to understand why they might be having difficulty getting help. They may feel ashamed.

  • Offer to go with them if they need additional information or support.

  • If they have children, let them know gently that you are concerned about the children’s safety and emotional well-being. They may be more willing to recognize the situation if their children are also in danger.

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